• Gala Dinner with the Executives: Mix & Mingle with the big shots of the Australian and American film industry! This event promises to be a night of belly laughs, good food & live entertainment! Your perfect opportunity to fit right in with the people who have the power to make things happen in the wide world of film. A one of a kind event to networking with people involved in the industry at all stages, surely an event not to be missed! TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW!
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And one thing we have learned is that even if an exec happens to work for one company, they have relationships across the industry in television and features.


Each year execs take on multiple projects and establish long-term relationships with filmmakers who have authentic vision. We maintain connectivity with all of them. So if certain projects might be a good fit for one or more entities not at Film-ComDU, we can facilitate introductions.  It all depends upon what each project needs.