Film Festival - Screenings

A combination of film, fun and business that affords you the opportunity to place your project in front of decision makers.


An opportunity to pitch your project to Hollywood executives with the possibility of financing, co-production, partnership or distribution assistance…whatever may be needed to get your project made and to market.

Problem Solvers

No film or TV project comes to fruition with roadblocks, setbacks and frustration, that’s simply part of the equation.  We understand that and provide the tools and contacts for the filmmakers to speak directly to decision makers.


At Film-ComDU, we’re in this together… We have the contacts and the venue, ask us what we can do to help and we’ll do our utmost to bring your project to fruition.

About Film-ComDU

FILM-COM Down Under is a financing, packaging & distribution market which brings film makers together with Hollywood executives in a unique event for both sides of the industry, giving film makers an opportunity to pitch projects and connect with experts in the field in both formal and informal settings whilst creating valuable relationships. There are also panels, workshops, parties and more. The event has been held annually in Nashville, Tennessee for the last 5 years and we are excited to be bringing it to Australia for the first time this year.

  • NetWorking 80%
  • Financing 90%
  • Business Panels 87%
  • Fun 90%
Melanie Phillips

Melanie Phillips


Melanie Phillips began life as a regular, run-of-the-mill pharmacist, when one day opportunity came her way and she realised there was more to

life than dispensing scripts. She could write them too! (But not the pharmaceutical kind) Creativity and adventure became her new friends and

she undertook a shift which has since changed her life and continues to do so. Melanie became a part of the emerging film industry in Australia,

and worked on such projects as Strongmen: Lucky Break, Chasing Tornadoes, Love by Prescription, How to Disappear and Never Get Found, and

American Shariah starring Omar Regan and Eric Roberts. Melanie continues her adventures in the world of film  with the vision to bring

Andy vanRoon

Andy vanRoon

Chairman/GM Film-Com U.S.

Andy van Roon has been involved in many film projects in the industry as executive producer/ writer/producer. Andy was executive producer of House of Numbers; the Nashville Filmmakers Anthology, a compilation of short works including Forgotten Memories; X Marks the Spot; Shatterhand; Dear Mr. Goodlife; and The Belcourt Boys; and on numerous other short films, including Heavenly and Keep Door Closed.

Andy is the Chairman/GM of FILM-COM – U.S. Financing & Distribution Market, an international film, television and documentary market focusing on projects in development that need completion funding or newly completed projects seeking distribution.

Script To Screen

Script To Screen


Melanie Phillips would have us believe she is a normal woman who runs shops and has a family and kids! Yeah right! In this book she goes from being a discriminated against medical student to the cream of Hollywood night life. She literally LITERALLY stumbles into the film industry, when she calls a publisher and is given an immediate book contract based on one paragraph of a book. All of a sudden she’s swept into making a film, writing a screenplay to another film and then becoming an emergency rescuer of a film about to shut studio if she doesn’t get on a place and head for Hollywood. She finds herself with no luggage but the life of a party in Nashville and soon she’s be-friending Batman Begins Executive producer Michael Uslan and popping in to 1019 Entertainment to meet Ralph Winter and Terry Botwick  <more>