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There is no right budget. There is, however, a right budgeting formula. But before getting to this formula, I want you to consider writing an indie film budget like you would write a script <read more> .


The one issue producers and directors avoid, until the last possible moment of their filmmaking journey, is distribution. The “dreaded” D word. They put it off because it seems so maddingly complicated. <read more>


The most amazing part of the digital cinema revolution isn’t the streamlined workflows, 5K resolutions, or the high dynamic range. It isn’t even the versatile cameras available for a couple grand. <read more>
Thank you so very much for your warmth, your hospitality, your graciousness, professionalism, and for the strategic introductions you made for us. We are more grateful than you can possibly know. I also wanted you to know how welcomed we felt and how at home we felt with everyone and everything at all times, and that is all thanks to your intention and incredibly hard work and faith in this crazy industry. Anna Kipervaser

FilmMaker, Voices of the Adhan: Cairo

We experienced very real and very tangible results from this years Film-Com. We will undoubtedly participate again. Many thanks to all of the volunteers and sponsors that contributed to the smooth and effectual running of this First Class event. We highly recommend it for novice and experienced independent filmmakers alike. Ron Berryessa

FilmMaker, Dangerous Muse Productions, LLC.

Film-Com is a must for any serious filmmaker. The seminars were informative, Film Expo is a great place to meet other filmmakers and practice your pitch. Everyone at Film-Com made the experience worthwhile!! Thank You Film-Com! Ed Griffith

FilmMaker, Griffith Productions, Inc.

I think Film-com is great because it is designed in such a way that creates the context to connect with potential buyers and industry professionals. Practically in just a few days you have the opportunity to get a complete feed-back from each participant. It is great! Attila Peli

FilmMaker, Spring Media Production

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